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The studio has an ever-growing library of video lessons for all levels in flamenco dance technique, choreography, and theory. The expanding library will continuously offer new lessons every month that provide the building blocks and vocabulary needed to help students understand and perform movements with increasing ease and artistry. Become a monthly member for $40/month and gain 24/7 access to a full library of video lessons that you can do wherever you have internet access, whenever you like, as many times as you wish, and at your own pace.

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Lindsey Bourassa

Flamenco Dancer

Lindsey received her Master of Flamencology Degree from ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain) in 2019; her Bachelor of Cultural Dance Studies and Creative Writing Degree from Goddard College (USA) in 2009, with a specialization in flamenco and salsa; and her Certificate of Professionalization in Flamenco Arts at El Centro de Arte y Flamenco de Sevilla (Spain) in 2012. She has dedicated herself to the study of flamenco since 2004, studying in Spain, France, Canada, and the United States with flamencos such as Miguel Vargas, Esperanza and Curro Fernandez, Carmen Ledesma, Francis Núñez Cabello, La Choni, Adela Campallo, Ursula Lopez, and Concha Jareño among many others. She has performed and taught in both Spain and the United States and currently teaches Flamenco as part of the Bates College Dance Department in Lewiston, Maine, USA. Lindsey performs traditional flamenco with national and international flamenco artists, as well as her own original contemporary-flamenco works that illustrate multimedia, multi-genre storytelling, often woven together with her own creative prose.

Student Testimonials

  • Megan

    Lindsey is unique in the world of Flamenco because she has studied the history and culture extensively. She does so much more than teach you steps. She explains and connects palos (styles) with movements and can give you reasoning to help you understand why something is done, and where to do it in the cante (singing). She breaks down the mystery of Flamenco for the average person who may know nothing. You always leave her class with more knowledge than you came in with. I cannot recommend her classes enough!

  • Sharon

    Lindsey Bourassa makes learning the art of Flamenco dance thoroughly enjoyable. Ms. Bourassa supports her students at whatever level they are at & breaks down the elements of flamenco: Its history, rhythms, singing, footwork and choreography into easy to learn sections. So thankful to have found a flamenco artist who is also a wonderful teacher.

  • Sara

    Learning how to flamenco dance has been a lifelong dream of mine; luckily I have Lindsey to help me make that dream a reality! Lindsey is a beautiful dancer, and a teacher who provides a safe, fun, inspiring environment to learn in. She not only inspires me as a dancer but as a human being... Learning Flamenco dance is a fantastic adventure and I’m thrilled to have Lindsey guiding me through it.

  • Rennie

    Lindsey really takes care to nurture every level of ability from total beginners to more experienced dancers. Aside from being extremely talented and knowledgeable of Flamenco, Lindsey is a caring, mindful, professional, organized and articulate teacher.

  • Cindy

    Lindsey takes this vibrant style of song, music, and dance developed over centuries and provides a clear and straightforward approach to begin learning flamenco dancing. I knew I appreciated dancing, but I never realized how much I would enjoy her classes, and that I would love dancing this much again! It’s just fabulously fun. I’m glad I found her and this community.

  • Cheryl

    Lindsey Bourassa has an exceptional talent for teaching a very challenging dance form, flamenco! She has the inherent ability to break down flamenco components piece by piece for all her students and connect them together again in a clear, comprehensible style all her own. It is rare to find a dance teacher that is also a beautiful dancer in her own right. Lindsey is both an extraordinary teacher and dancer. I have learned more about this art form in my short time with her than I have in my past years of flamenco study. Gracias Lindsey, eres la mejor!

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